Touching Spirit Bear By: Ben Mikaelsen

This is a really good book. The first time I read it was in seventh grade but I didn't really remember it much. Reading this book goes great with a class I'm taking about juvenile delinquents. I love to watch the change in Cole as he lives on the island and the change that we get to see come over Peter. I have seen a few people who have gone through a wilderness treatment to help them get over drug addictions and I would personally like to see it used more as a treatment. I would like to see them make it into a movie.

Touching Spirit Bear (Spirit Bear, #1)

Touching Spirit Bear is the story of Cole Matthews as he tries to overcome his anger at the world. Cole is a juvenile delinquent who is at the point where he could be tried as an adult. His parole officer suggests he lives on a remote island in Alaska for a year so he can work out his anger and hatred in a place where he can't hurt anyone. After only a few days on the island Cole is mauled by the Spirit Bear; after he has healed enough and is allowed to return to the island Cole begins a huge transformation. He is joined by Peter, the kid he beat up, and he begins to help Peter heal.


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