Office 2010

I've been playing with office starter 2010, so I know the basic's with it. I have heard some people who love it and some who hate it. I'm still new enough that it is mixed but I'm leaning very heavily to loving it!!! Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

New Computer!!!

I got a new computer!!! I’m having to get used to Windows 7, but so far I love it. So much more and so much faster than my last two computers!! It will really get used good come this January when I head of to school.

Mirror, Mirror By: Judy Baer

This book was so cute!!! I couldn't believe how fast I finished it. Can't wait to read more of her books!

"A new reality show plans to answer that old question with on-air makeovers. Even though it isn't her idea of reality, model Quinn Hunter reluctantly agrees to host the show. That way, she can help a needy friend and follow her true calling--teaching children with special needs.

Her latest student is very special, and so is his father. Widower Jack Harmon is as far from the shallow fashion world as Quinn could imagine. But he and his little boy are teaching her more about beauty--and reality--than any TV show ever would!"