Secrets, Lies & Alibis By: Patricia H. Rushford & Harrison James

This book was amazing! It kept me guessing. I figured one thing and it was another. I loved it!! To learn more about Patricia visit here.

A headline murder. A rookie investigator. A race against the clock-and against his past. With his newly minted detective badge, "Mac" McAllister reports for his first assignment with the Oregon State Police: a particularly gruesome homicide. It's a headline case, as the victim - Megan Tyson - was brutally murdered mere weeks before her wedding. The investigation turns up far too many suspects, and too little hard evidence. Why would the beautiful Megan, engaged to a wealthy businessman be involved with the likes of the long line-up of questionable characters that seem connected to her in more ways than one? With more questions than answers, Mac tries to uncover the secrets Megan took to her grace. While the autopsy answers how Megan was killed, it doesn't reveal why or by whom. Can Mac and his partner sort through the lies and alibis before Megan's murderer strikes again? Not sure that he can trust his instincts, Mac depends heavily on the advice of his partner - a seasoned detective with a strong faith in God. A faith Mac has no use for until he must come to terms with his own past and the secrets that haunt him. Fiction that reflects the grittiness of real life ... and the reality of faith.

Fools Rush In By: Janice Thompson

Fools Rush In. Amazing!!! Only word to describe it can't wait to read Swinging on a Star!! Click here to learn more about Janice.

Bella Rossi may be nearing thirty, but her life is just starting to get interesting. When her Italian-turned-Texan parents hand over the family wedding planning business, Bella is determined not to let them down. She quickly books a "Boot Scoot'n" wedding that would make any Texan proud. There's only one catch--she's a country music numbskull because her family only listens to Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Where will she find a DJ on such short notice who knows his Alan Jackson from his Keith Urban? When a misunderstanding leads her to the DJ (and man) of her dreams, things start falling into place. But with a family like hers, nothing is guaranteed. Can the perfect Texan wedding survive a pizza-making uncle with mob ties, an aunt who is a lawsuit waiting to happen, and a massive delivery of 80 cowboy boots? And will Bella ever get to plan her own wedding? Book one in the Weddings by Bella series, Fools Rush In is fun, fresh, and full of surprises. Readers will love the flavorful combination of Italian and Tex-Mex, and the hilarity that ensues when cultures clash.

Plum Pudding Murder By: Joanne Fluke

Hannah Swenson is at it again! Plum Pudding is the 12th book in "A Hannah Swenson Mystery With Recipes". Hannah is one of the unlucky people who attract death. If there is a murder she finds the body. The next book is Apple Turnover Murder set to release February 23, 2010. Also exciting is the release of the cookbook in October 2011. It will include ALL of Hannah's published recipes. To learn more visit Murder She Baked.

The Cookie Jar's busiest time of the year also happens to be the most wonderful time...for Christmas cookies, Hannah's own special plum pudding - and romance! Holiday orders are high, and Hannah's slated to provide dessert at the Reverend Knudsen's upcoming nuptials. She's busy as can be and loving it. She also gets a kick out of 'Lunatic Larry Jaeger's Crazy Elf Christmas Tree Lot', a kitschy carnival taking place smack-dab in the middle of the village green. Larry thinks he's crazy like a fox with his wild business schemes, but this time, the entrepreneur may have bitten off more than he can chew. Rumour has it that Larry's in the red - an idea that takes a sinister turn when Hannah discovers the man himself dead as a doornail in his own office...It seems quite a few people would have liked to fill Larry's stocking with coal and then bash him with it - including his bitter ex-wife, his ex-partner's daughter, a woman he was wooing, and the Crazy Elf Tree lot's extremely exasperated investors...Now, with so many suspects to investigate and the twelve days of Christmas ticking away, Hannah's running out of time to nab a murderous Scrooge who doesn't want her to see the New Year.

Crossfire By: Traci Hunter Abramson

This book was amazing! It is the third installment of the Saint Squad series, preceded by Freefall and Lockdown respectively. The next installment is Backlash in September 2010. To learn more about Traci visit her website here or her blog here.

Special Agent Vanessa Lauton is living a lie. For the past year she's been posing as a member of the Dominican Republic's most powerful crime family in order to infiltrate a Caribbean terrorist organization. When her CIA contact has a heart attack, he's replaced by U.S. Navy SEAL squad member Seth Johnson-the man Vanessa nearly married six years earlier. And suddenly the heat is on, in more ways than one. Terrorist kingpin Akil Ramir sequesters Vanessa and Seth in his Nicaraguan fortress, where they learn of an impending attack on American soil. The Saint Squad is dispatched to calm the storm, but even their heroic efforts can't stop multiple threats from escalating. Adrenaline rises as the squad confronts enemies who will stop at nothing to sabotage national security. And Vanessa finds herself caught in the crossfire.