The End Is Near

I can't believe how fast the semester has gone. I am really excited for next semester though!! I love my roommates they really are the best. Our house is really kind of crappy not going to lie. My bedroom was flooded from all the melting snow so that was no fun. The microwave went out so we got a new one; the new one has a tendency to shut off the power though so that's not good. TV finally died last week and we still don't have a new one! On March 18 Charlie turned 20 months old (if we say that he was zero when I got him). Classes are going pretty good. I suck at history but I always have. Econ is going pretty good though it is tons different then high school econ. English is pretty easy today was our last day of class, though I still have to right my research paper by Friday. D&C is kind of enjoyable though the two hours seem to really drag on some days. Science is by far my favorite class!!! We blew up balloons this semester; awesome balls of fire!! Next semester I will have classes every day of the week but will be done by 11:15 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I end at 12:30. I will be taking a whopping 18 credits though I think they will be pretty fun classes.