Unplanned By: J. Heather Leigh

This is a great story about the power of love.

Unplanned- A Novella

A one-night stand leads to an unplanned pregnancy. How will this new turn affect the life of a single woman who is also the church secretary? Her family, her friends, and her employers all have opinions. Is it possible that this one mistake will be the best thing that ever happened to her?


Delivering Hope By: Jennifer Ann Holt

This was a great story about the power of adoption and the true meaning of love.

Delivering Hope

Olivia Spencer wants to be a mother more than anything else, but years of infertility have left her soul wounded and her marriage strained. Allison Campbell is a young, single woman who discovers that a moment of excitement has led to an unplanned pregnancy and overwhelming heartache. Deep love paves the way for sacrifice as the lives of these two women touch.


The Great Christmas Bowl By: Susan May Warren

The Great Christmas Bowl is a super cute story. I loved Susan's Team Hope series and couldn't wait to read another one.

The Great Christmas Bowl

Marianne Wallace is focused on two things this holiday season: planning the greatest family Christmas ever and cheering on her youngest son's team in their bid for the state championship. Disaster strikes when the team loses their mascot--the Trout. Is it going too far to ask her to don the costume? So what if her husband has also volunteered her to organize the church Christmas tea. When football playoffs start ramping up, the Christmas tea starts falling apart. Then, one by one her children tell her they can't come home for Christmas. As life starts to unravel, will Marianne remember the true meaning of the holidays?


Code Word By: Traci Hunter Abramson

Code Word is the sixth Saint Squad book about newest team member Jay. Traci just keeps coming up with great books that keep you going from beginning to end.

Code Word

The media portrayed the military operation as a complete success, but Navy SEAL Jay Wellman wouldn’t describe it that way. He was there. As he tries to come to terms with his role that fateful night, he notices something different about his teammates and wonders if there may be more to their beliefs than he first thought.

When she heard the gunshots, Carina Channing knew the past had caught up with her. She may have changed her last name, but she can’t change who her father is. Carina understands the evil that lurks in “The Family,” and she is determined to steer clear of that life and any other emotional connections. 

When they meet, it seems Jay and Carina have only two things in common—mutual attraction and the fact that they are both struggling to overcome devastating trauma. But when a member of The Family arrives and upsets the delicate balance in Carina’s life, Jay chisels away at the barrier Carina has erected around her heart and offers himself as her protector and friend. But can Jay’s Navy SEAL skills, military connections, and loyal Saint Squad friends keep Carina and her sisters safe? And with their different beliefs, can Jay and Carina’s friendship grow into anything more?


Obsession By: Traci Hunter Abramson

Traci does a great job of moving on to a new series but still allowing us to enjoy more from our favorite Saint Squad team. Obsession moves us on the Charlie Whitmore, brother of Amy Whitmore from the Saint Squad and Matt Whitmore from the Undercurrent Series.


Pop singer Kendra Blake grew up in the spotlight as the daughter of a prominent actor. Now famous in her own right, she’s had enough with bodyguards shadowing her every move. So when a bomb goes off backstage at one of her concerts, she gives in to her urge to flee. In search of the privacy she’s lacked her whole life, Kendra escapes to a remote cabin in Arizona. Little does she know, FBI agent Charlie Whitmore has been assigned to keep her safe and is staying right across the street.

Stranded in severe weather, the two develop a friendship that hovers on the verge of romance—with Charlie frantically trying to keep his personal and work life separate and Kendra enjoying a new-found freedom from her glamorous world. But when law officials discover that there may be a link between a notorious serial killer and Kendra, she has far greater concerns than her independence.


Moonlighting in Vermont By: Kate George

This is the first book in the Bree MacGowan series.

Moonlighting In Vermont (A Bree MacGowan Mystery #1)

Rumor has it that nothing ever happens in small-town Vermont, but for Bella Bree MacGowan, there is no shortage of excitement. She becomes the prime suspect when she finds her boss dead in a pool of blood and can’t convince the officer in charge, hunky Lt. Miles Brooks, that she isn’t capable of murder. 

Lt. Brooks believes two things: The first is that everyone is capable of murder, and the second is that the simplest solution is usually correct. So when it appears that Bree MacGowan has both motive and opportunity, he’s confident he’s found his killer. 

Meg Maverick owns the local paper, and Bree’s been her paste-up tech and friend from the beginning. She has no doubt of Bree’s innocence, but she’s worried. If her husband Tom, the captain-in-chief at the local state police barracks, insists on sticking up for Bree, he could end up ruining his reputation. 

Then there’s Beaux Maverick, Tom’s younger brother, who has been waiting 15 years for his chance to ask Bree MacGowan out on a date. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass if the whole town thinks Bree is guilty. He’d be the happiest guy alive—if only she’d stay out of trouble.


Mr. Klutz is Nuts! By: Dan Gutman

This is the second book in the My Weird School series. Great for boys but also girls this book gives you plenty of laughs.

Mr. Klutz Is Nuts! (My Weird School, #2)

Never before has school been this mixed up--or this much fun

Principal Klutz was hanging upside down from the school flagpole He kissed a pig on the lips and painted his bald head orange And now he wants to bungee jump off the roof of the school dressed as Santa Claus.


My Ridiculous, Romantic Obsessions By: Becca White

This was a cute story!! My first year of college was full of new and interesting people that unfortunately never turned out as cute as this story.

My Ridiculous, Romantic Obsessions

Sarah Howard's first year at the university is everything and nothing she expected especially when a very cute boy named Ben in her Art History class starts to show interest in her.

Sarah feels like she's an average, normal, everyday girl. So, when Ben (to whom she secretly refers as Adonis because she thinks he could be a Greek god) begins to take interest in her, Sarah is in denial. For one thing, last year she was deeply crushed and humiliated by Jesse James a guy who she thought liked her.

She's determined not to get burned again. But in her heart of hearts, what she really wants is a Jane Austen kind of romance. Ridiculous, right? That kind of romance doesn t exist anymore . . . or does it? Sarah is smart and fun to be around and even pretty, despite her Medusa-like red curls. She even plays the guitar. (So does Ben!) Yes, Sarah is everything Ben has wanted. He's crazy for her, but Sarah is just not getting it. She's playing hard to get, and if she s not careful, she s going to lose a real hot gentleman -- her 21st-century Mr. Darcy.


Single and Searching By: Rita Herron

This book was hilarious!!  I read bits and pieces to my mom and sister and they couldn't help but laugh!

Single & Searching

Reporter Gabe Thornton is not interested in romance or the crazies who advertise for love in the paper. But a lead in a robbery case takes him straight to Casey McIntyre’s door, and her Single and Searching ad, and now he must investigate her...

When Casey placed that personal ad to find a date, she never dreamed she’d find true love. But she also never expected her date to write about it!

Determined to get revenge, she dresses for seduction.

But payback is hell, and when Gabe turns the tables and pursues her with a vengeance, Casey finds herself falling in love.

Only Gabe holds her fate – and her heart – in his hands...

When the truth is revealed, will Casey be single and searching again, or will she succumb to the passion burning between them?


A Very Special Delivery By: Linda Goodnight

This is a great story about the pain and suffering that holding a grudge can cause.

A Very Special Delivery

It was the surprise of a lifetime for recluse Molly McCreight when single dad Ethan Hunter entrusted her with his infant daughter while he delivered medicine to an elderly man during an ice storm. Past experience had taught Molly how fragile life could be, but she was touched by this stranger's faith in her abilities. Once the storm had passed, though, and her guests returned home, normalcy eluded Molly. The Hunters' presence had brought much-needed joy to her quiet world, but their absence threatened to crush her forever. Still, was she ready to admit that this tiny family held the key to the future she'd always secretly craved?


Deadline By: Clair Poulson

Clair Poulson is a great author!!! He just keeps coming up with more and more plots that never let you down.

Life is quickly turning from bad to worse for newspaper reporter Dallas Dixon. It all begins when Dallas’s job at the El Paso Chronicle is inexplicably terminated by his formerly admiring boss, Andy Norton. However, a bad day turns into a nightmare when, while heading to San Antonio to make a fresh start, Dallas is shocked by the news of Norton’s murder — and even more shocked to hear himself named as a suspect. When an attempt to assist at a highway accident scene lands him in the middle of a drug scandal, he realizes he has powerful enemies determined to see him imprisoned — or dead.

On the run, Dallas must call on the skills he gained from his time in the military to save innocent lives, including his own. With unexpected help from his long-estranged father, and additional assistance from a rugged private investigator and a brilliant, beautiful Chronicle ally, Dallas races to untangle the murder mystery, but can he find justice before his own deadline?


Smokescreen By: Traci Hunter Abramson

This is the fifth book in the Saint Squad series. These books just keep getting better and better!!!

Smokescreen (Saint Squad, #5)

Taylor Palmetta has spent the past year in Europe building her art career and hiding from Navy SEAL Quinn Lambert, the man who broke her heart. But Taylor can't seem to hide from trouble. When Taylor seeks safety with her family in Virginia Beach, a series of threats puts her on high alert- and puts Quinn into protective mode. Despite the private loss that continues to haunt him, Quinn can't deny his renewed attraction to Taylor. But just as the romance heats up, a plot against the very foundation of the American way of life surfaces, and Taylor's paintings may hold the key. The Saint Squad is back in action as the team frantically tries to protect their nation's security-and Taylor and Quinn search for courage to unlock the troubled past.


The Blue Day Book By: Bradley Trevor Greive

This book is so cute!! No matter what age this book is great on a bad day. The pictures are all fun animal pictures that help make you smile.

The Blue Day Book: A Lesson in Cheering Yourself Up

The Blue Day Book is a wonderful collection of amusing, poignant animal photos and inspirational text designed to lift the spirits of anyone who s got the blues. No one who has lips will be able to read it without smiling; it s guaranteed. The fact is, we all have our bad days -- they are an intrinsic part of being human. As prescribed by The Blue Day Book in its delightful photo and text messages, the solution is to see each incident in perspective, recognize that our feelings of failure and loss are not unique, and acknowledge the absurdities of our existence, and glory in the potential we all have. In less than one hundred sentences, The Blue Day Book conveys this message with great compassion and humor. Its vehicle is charming black-and-white photographs of animals that are strangely human and completely free of judgment or pretension. The humble marriage of easy text and beautiful images takes us through the entire evolution of a blue day -- examines what it feels like, what causes it, and how to get over it.


The Summer I Learned to Dive By: Shannon McCrimmon

This was a great YA book. It was the typical teenager learns something they think they should have been told sooner and strike out on their own to find their true self sort of book. It was written in a way that a reader can easily relate to and imagine themselves doing.

The Summer I Learned to Dive

Since the time she was a little girl, eighteen-year-old Finley “Finn” Hemmings has always lived her life according to a plan, focused and driven with no time for the average young adult’s carefree experiences. On the night of her high school graduation, things take a dramatic turn when she discovers that her mother has been keeping a secret from her—a secret that causes Finn to do something she had never done before—veer off her plan. In the middle of the night, Finn packs her bags and travels by bus to Graceville, SC seeking the truth. In Graceville, Finn has experiences that change her life forever; a summer of love, forgiveness and revelations. She learns to take chances, to take the plunge and to dive right in to what life has to offer.


Agent Undercover By: Lynette Eason

Agent Undercover was a great book about the lengths that people will go for innocent kids.

Agent Undercover

The traumatized six-year-old boy hasn't said one word since the unsolved murder of his single mother. And now, the killer is after the child—and the devoted uncle raising him, Dr. Dylan Seabrook. Working undercover in the boy's school, DEA agent Paige Ashworth is determined to find the murderer. But she can't tell Dylan her real identity, what she knows—or just how close to the case she really is. Dylan's strength and fierce love for his nephew soon have Paige longing to join their family. First, though, they must catch a killer who never wants little Alex to speak again.


I'll Find You By: Clair Poulson

Clair Poulson is a great author; he is always coming up with new and exciting plots.

No one, not even Jeri Satch herself, could explain exactly why she had taken a job hundreds of miles away from her family, friends, and Warren, her perfect boyfriend. It was just something she had to do. . . because it felt right.
Assigned to work with the bookkeeping staff at a minimum security prison, Jeri was invited to tour the facilities. There she saw a strong young man with piercing blue eyes. Could it be Rusty?
When she was just six years old, Jeri had witnessed her best friend, Rusty Eagan, being kidnaped by a menacing stranger. As the old green car sped away with Rusty inside, Jeri screamed, “I'll find you!” Those words — that promise — had haunted her for seventeen years.
As years passed, thoughts of Rusty were never far from Jeri's mind. And she never ceased to watch for the one thing that would identify him — his unforgettable blue eyes.
This muscular inmate named Randy Moore wasn't sure how he knew the attractive young woman who was staring at him. But the name she murmured — Rusty — sent a shiver down his spine, and made long-forgotten memories claw for the light of day. He didn't have time for this. With only months to go before his parole, all Randy could think about was the half a million dollars he had hidden, and the serial killer who would soon be on his trail.
Brimming with intrigue, suspense, and an unlikely love, I'll Find You by Clair M. Poulson tells the incredible story of a young woman's search for a long-lost friend and the adventure of a lifetime that finds her.


If I Should Die By: Jennie Hansen

Jennie Hansen has the ability to draw her readers in very quickly and keep you going to whole way through.

One morning on a routine jog, Kallene’s running partner, Linda, confides that she’s filing for divorce. The next morning, she’s gone without a trace, leaving behind her frightened young daughter. Since Linda’s enraged husband refuses to notify the police, Kallene steps in to initiate a missing person search, not knowing it would soon become a murder investigation — or that she’d soon fall for the charming lead detective. With Linda’s handsome brother also on her mind, Kallene must navigate the rapids of a double romance as well as the deepening suspicion in her upscale Utah neighborhood. Intrigue turns to danger as Kallene faces the consequences of hasty judgments. And when startling new evidence casts Linda’s murder as the work of a determined killer, Kallene needs the intervention of unlikely heroes to avoid being the next victim.


Royal Secrets By: Traci Hunter Abramson

This is the sequel to Royal Target and another great book by Traci. I haven't read one of her books that I didn't thoroughly enjoy.

Royal Secrets

It’s been three years since the tragic Christmas Eve when CIA agent Alora DeSanto returned from a doctor’s appointment to find her husband dead and her Paris home destroyed by a terrorist firebomb. Still mourning her heavy loss, she seeks a new life for herself and her two young sons by accepting a job offer from her friend and fellow agent Janessa Rogers, who is engaged to marry Prince Garrett of Meridia. As Janessa’s personal assistant, Alora takes up residence in the royal chateau in Bellamo, where Prince Stefano is recovering from a possible assassination attempt and reeling from some life-shattering news of his own. 

As their paths repeatedly cross, Alora and Stefano are surprised by a budding attraction that draws them together in friendship. But as their hesitant affection evolves into romance, royal secrets plunge them into plots of espionage and blackmail that threaten all they hold dear—including each other. And as enemies arise to crush the Meridia monarchy, Alora must confront the fears that destroyed her past before they destroy her future.


Spring 2012

 Well registration is complete. I will be taking 17 credits this next semester. 5 CIT courses and a BOM class. After next semester I will have completed my Networking cluster!!! 
My schedule in a more colorful organized manner! The only downfall now I'm not done on MWF until 3:00.

Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Cup

Chocolate Chip Cookie in a mug? I think yes!! I'd heard of cake in a mug but never a cookie. Found this on One Good Thing and all thoughts of homework went out the window, I had to try this! It is really good. It has more of a cake texture but it still has a cookie taste.

Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Cup

1 Tablespoon Butter
1 Tablespoon Granulated White Sugar
1 Tablespoon Brown Sugar
3 Drops of Vanilla Extract
Small Pinch of Kosher Salt
1 Egg Yolk
Scant 1/4 of All Purpose Flour
2 Tablespoons of Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
Start by melting your butter in the microwave. Add sugars, vanilla and salt. Stir to combine. Separate your egg and the yolk only to your cup. Stir to combine. Add flour, then stir again. Add the chocolate chips, and give a final stir. Cook in microwave 40-60 seconds, start checking for doneness at 40 seconds. Mine takes 50 seconds.

Serve Warm.


We Give Books

I found this website this morning We Give Books it has tons of children's books available to read online. For every book you read online they will donate to the organization you choose. Can't wait to help kids get books to read!!

The Baby's Bodyguard By: Stephanie Newton

This book was amazing!! It has just enough suspense to keep you reading and it has a cute love story!! 

A shocking discovery
When an anonymous text message arrives with photos of tiny hands and feet—and GPS coordinates—Florida cop Ethan Clark believes it's a prank. Then he follows the coordinates to an abandoned toddler. Handing Janie Doe over to caring child services worker Kelsey Rogers, Ethan thinks his job is done…until the little girl turns out to be a kidnap victim. To protect the child, Ethan and Kelsey stumble into an investigation that digs up a tragedy from Ethan's past. Will they uncover the truth before the kidnappers bury the trail forever?