Crackle Paint

This is a cool and extremely easy to crackle paint. Thanks to Ann at makethebestofthings for the easy to follow tutorial.

It is three easy steps.
1. Paint the board with a base color. Let it dry for a few minutes.
2. Put on your glue layer. I just drizzle it all over and used my finger to smear it around. Let it dry until it is tacky.
3. I didn't thin my topcoat. I just drizzle paint all over and then spread it out. I used a cheap foam brush.

Final Product:


Terminal 9 By: Patricia Rushford and Harrison James

This was a really good book, when I actually sat down and started reading. It took me forever to decide to spend some time and just read. I can't wait to read the last book!

Mac McAllister has a new partner, Detective Dana Bennett, and a new puzzling murder investigation on his hands; an elderly retired railroader hit by a train. But was his death an accident? The strange investigation leads them on a trail of intrigue and possible terrorism. With twists and turns involving family members, lawyers and absolute strangers, Mac and Dana must did deep to find answers. While Mac and Dana seek justice they also seek answers in their personal struggles as they try to make sense of a world gone mad.