BzzAgent and Dr Scholl's Inserts

So about a month ago I joined BzzAgent after reading about a friends experience with it. They send out products for free in order to generate consumer reviews. You fill out surveys and then they match you with a campaign that they are currently running. It took about three weeks before I got my first campaign offer.

The product that I received was Dr Scholl's Inserts. I've always wanted to try them but never wanted to pay the cost of them so this was a great way to try them. In the kit was a what you do with your kit paper, the pair of inserts, and a stack of coupons (got plenty if anybody is interested!!!).

To give them a fair chance I have worn them everyday this week and for me that means a lot of walking, uphill. I even wore them on a hike down to the river to go fishing. My tennis shoes were already pretty comfortable. I haven't really see a ton of difference with the inserts, but I'm definitely going to keep giving them a chance.

All opinions written in this post are mine and I haven't been bribed to give a positive or negative feedback.


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