Decorating Schemes By: Ginny Aiken

This book was extremely good. I had my suspicions who I thought it was but not quite what I had imagined. I loved it and can't wait to finish Interior Motives.

Haley Farrell's life is back on track. Cleared of any involvement in the murder of her best friend, Haley has found loyal decorating clients and has taken over a successful auction house. Life is good--even if she does have to deal with good-looking but infuriating general contractor Dutch Merrill once again. But when another body is uncovered, it's clear that the death was no accident. What's worse, Dutch is implicated. Haley realizes it's up to her to help him prove his innocence. Can she clear him of the crime--and keep herself out of danger at the same time? Immediately engaging and full of humor and heart, the second book in the Deadly Décor Mystery series continues the fun and excitement readers found in Design on a Crime. They'll be dying for more from this fun series!

My Very Own

I currently do the family blog but decided to start my own so the family one won't be updated quite so often sorry. Jess, Mom and Kenzie may occasionally post but that will be up to them. This is just my life. Book's I've read, school happening's when I start, food that turns out good just everyday kinda stuff!


On April 1st I was accepted to BYU-Idaho. Today I recieved my track assigment and declared my major. I will be starting classes in January on the Winter/Summer track and will be majoring in Accounting. I haven't fully decided on a minor but I'm thinking Computer Information Technology.

Design on a Crime By: Ginny Aiken

This book was really good. It kept me guessing for most of it. Can't wait to read Decorating Schemes and Interior Motives (books 2 & 3 respectively).

Haley Farrell is taking a chance on herself. After receiving her interior design certificate, she quits her job at the local furniture store and decides to open her own interior decorating business. But with all the advantages of her new career-meeting new people, and decorating new and old homes-comes a huge pitfall. Her new job allows her access into her clients' homes and their lives . . . but also their deaths. When Haley's mentor, Marge Norwalk, is murdered, Haley becomes the prime suspect. Armed only with the confidence that Marge instilled in her, Haley sets out to find the real murderer. But as she sets forth, she has no idea what twists and turns will bring her face-to-face with her long-hidden past. Book one in the Deadly Décor Mysteries will keep both Ginny Aiken's established readership and new fans coming back for more.