DIY: Nail Stickers

I can't draw whatsoever but especially not with my left hand. I found this PIN on pinterest and couldn't help but try it out. While looking into it a bit more I ran into this POST that found parchment paper to work the best.

To give them all a fair chance, I used parchment paper, a ziplock bag and the tin foil from the backside of my parchment paper. I did two on each sheet, one had a top coat before the design and the second was only the design. In the end I found that the parchment paper definitely worked the best.

I let the top coat dry then painted the design on top; after the design dried I applied a top coat. I used the Nailene Top Coat; I tried Sally Hansen Hardener, Sinful Colors Clear and Sally Hansen Extreme Wear but didn't get very good results.

After letting the top coat dry the stickers peeled right off.

When it came to putting them on the nails, I applied a base coat of Sinful Colors clear and while it was still wet I put the sticker on. After allowing the sticker to dry into the base coat for a few minutes I used nail polish and cleaned up around the sides. After everything was cleaned up I applied another coat of Sinful Colors clear to lock it in. 

Now to see how long it lasts.


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