Too Much Fun!

I’ve decided that I have too much fun playing on the computer. I love to start with a bunch of stuff and have it all come together. They aren't all that good but I enjoy it!

Thanks to Blog Designs By Dani I found Pixlr. It's a great photo editor. You can create projects or you can give images a retro vintage look. I love it!!! Dani also has tons of cute backgrounds and matching banners. Plus great information/tutorials on how to do different things yourself.

There are lots of pictures so beware!!!

This was a picture that I edited using Pixlr's Retro Vintage Effects. 

The favicon for our family site.

My favicon. (Jessi's and mine are both from from google images.)

The favicon for Jessi's blog.

A spring background.

 My blue and green background, banner and post divider.

 Christmas banner and background for the family blog.

A fall background and it's banner for the family blog.

My Support the Troops guy!
This one was random. It's bright and still kind of pastel.

This one is meant to be patriotic.

The banner for Jessi's Blog!

One of my past banners. I love the colors in this one though I think 'My' is a little hard to read with the four color layers.

Cute black and green background. Could work for St. Patty's Day.

Banner for the family blog. It is the same paper and materials as the next one down.

One of my banners. It was different but I like it.

A St. Patrick's Day banner for the family blog.

A picture for the family blog.

A welcome message for the family blog.
A welcome sign for anybody.
Signature for Jessi's blog.
The family signature.
My signature.

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