Collages can be really fun, but making them can be a pain. I found that with Pixlr (I love their stuff) you can create collages in a ton of different layouts.

To get started go to Pixlr's site, then choose express.

When it loads click collage

It will load with a basic layout. To choose a different layout click layout (1) then choose from the list (2).

To add a picture click the plus sign in the middle of the picture area (1), choose the picture (2) and click open.

To edit the picture click on the paintbrush. If you want to change the picture click on the double arrows right next to the paintbrush.

When adjusting the pictures there are tons of options and the only way to really find what is there is to try them all.
 This collage is the same picture just using different effects (1). I  like the effects under default (2) the best.

Have fun playing and experimenting with Pixlr express!!


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