Santa's Greatest Gift By: Rebecca Gittrich Whitecotton

This is a cute letter from Santa explaining the meaning of Christmas. It would be a great way to help little kids as they grow up and grow out of Santa. One of my favorite parts "You may wonder why this knowledge is my gift to give. Many people believe that I, Santa Claus, take away from the real meaning of Christmas. They say Santa is simply built on material things and greediness, which go against the teachings of Jesus. But Santa Claus is not really about toys as much as about the spirit of giving, in secret. It's about the giving for the simple reason of seeing joy and happiness on a child's face, with no expectation of something in return. In my purest form, Santa Claus is the perfect example of the Giving Spirit, just as Jesus was the perfect example of the Christ Spirit (pg 13, nook ebook edition).

Rumors are flying that Santa is not real, and that he takes away from the true meaning of Christmas. Santa responds to these accusations, revealing his true identity and shedding light on the Christ Spirit present in every soul on earth. It is Santa's hope that the peace of Christmas will be found through the recognition of the Giving Spirit and the Christ Spirit inside ourselves and others.


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