Hunted By: Clair M. Poulson

This book was amazing. We listened to it on a trip and hated having to stop since that meant the book had to be paused. The story line is very easy to follow but has just enough suspense to keep you going. It has room for you to make predictions that are conceivable.

Zach Barlow, a young returned missionary, didn’t want Caden Pendleton to join his group of friends on a hunting trip to the High Uintahs. But the newcomer’s offer to help pay expenses changed Zach’s mind, despite his misgivings. Yet when Caden’s temper stirs up trouble in camp, Zach’s misgivings turn to regrets. And when Caden is found dead in the woods, shot with a hunter’s rifle, those regrets turn to raw panic. Zach’s hunting camp has become a murder scene, and the murder weapon’s owner—a young woman named Bria—is nowhere to be found. 
As Sheriff Lee Rutger and his deputies confront the mystery of the dead man and the missing girl, more disappearances follow. Can the sheriff stop the relentless hunter before he himself becomes the hunted?

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