No One To Hear You Scream By: K.J. Dahlen

No One To Hear You Scream!! Just the title is amazing! I loved this book. It didn’t start out slow or really have any slow spots in it. Great job!!!

When a serial killer murders Sam Sebastian's wife, the New Orleans cop turns bounty hunter to track down the killer and administer justice. Joining him on his quest is FBI agent Cole Davidson, whom Sam soon finds is connected to the killer. As their journey takes them along the vast expanse of the Mississippi River, the investigation reveals that they are searching for a dark and troubled soul. The monster who killed Sam's wife has left a trail of blood in his wake, and it quickly becomes clear that he is adept at taking on other personas, including that of Sam's impromptu partner, Cole. 
As they close in on the killer, Sam questions what he might do once they meet face-to-face. Will he be able to keep his emotions in check, or will he eliminate the man who destroyed his life?

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