The Hunger Games By: Suzanne Collins

I really enjoyed this book,I have put off reading it because I didn't want to be disappointed after having seen the movie. The book and the movie have many differences but they complement each other well. Since I have watched the movie the whole time I read the book I pictured the characters as they are in the movie. I think with Peeta and Gale they did a good job making them very close to their book characters, but I found that with Katniss there was more variance between her characters at different points in the book. I really like that this is written from Katniss's point of view; even though it is set in a different time period many of the things Katniss says and feels are things that we today also deal with.

The Hunger Games

Sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen accidentally becomes a contender in the annual Hunger Games, a grave competition hosted by the Capitol where young boys and girls are pitted against one another in a televised fight to the death.


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