Moonlighting in Vermont By: Kate George

This is the first book in the Bree MacGowan series.

Moonlighting In Vermont (A Bree MacGowan Mystery #1)

Rumor has it that nothing ever happens in small-town Vermont, but for Bella Bree MacGowan, there is no shortage of excitement. She becomes the prime suspect when she finds her boss dead in a pool of blood and can’t convince the officer in charge, hunky Lt. Miles Brooks, that she isn’t capable of murder. 

Lt. Brooks believes two things: The first is that everyone is capable of murder, and the second is that the simplest solution is usually correct. So when it appears that Bree MacGowan has both motive and opportunity, he’s confident he’s found his killer. 

Meg Maverick owns the local paper, and Bree’s been her paste-up tech and friend from the beginning. She has no doubt of Bree’s innocence, but she’s worried. If her husband Tom, the captain-in-chief at the local state police barracks, insists on sticking up for Bree, he could end up ruining his reputation. 

Then there’s Beaux Maverick, Tom’s younger brother, who has been waiting 15 years for his chance to ask Bree MacGowan out on a date. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass if the whole town thinks Bree is guilty. He’d be the happiest guy alive—if only she’d stay out of trouble.


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