Chocolate Therapy By: Dianne Crabtree

This book was so cute. It was a fast read!!

Joan Spencer has a secret. Hidden in her kitchen cupboard, behind the pots and pans, lives a box of candy bars. Milk chocolate, no almonds.
Joan considers the chocolate her secret weapon in her life full of stressful situations-her teenage children are becoming harder to understand, and her next door neighbor, Lila, seems to find pleasure in making Joan miserable. Plus, her divorced sister Marilyn has a new boyfriend that she refuses to introduce to the family until the time is right.
And now, Joan and Marilyn's father, who disappeared from their lives thirty years ago, suddenly reappears, wanting to be a part of their lives-a big part of their lives.
Armed with an endless supply of chocolate bars, Joan is ready to face life head on, and she just might come out a winner!

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