Sworn to Protect By: DiAnn Mills

This book was amazing. Can't wait to read the call of duty book!!

Danika Morales, a widowed border patrol agent, finds out that she may be the target of a drug cartel. Her husband, a high school teacher and former immigration activist, was murdered in the desert two years earlier. Since then her brother-in-law, another border patrol agent, has been going off the deep end. With someone reporting sensor locations to the coyotes smuggling people and drugs over the border near McAllen, Texas, both of them become suspects. Then Danika’s partner is shot, and she meets Dr. Alex Price who treats agents and illegal immigrants the same. As Danika struggles with raising a four-year-old deaf daughter, family conflict, a missing niece, and the realization that her husband’s murder may have been part of a bigger conspiracy, she finds herself liking Alex more than she wants to.

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