The Twelve Disasters of Christmas By: Lisa Ray Turner

This book was really cute and fast. It tells the story of Natalie's fifth pregnancy during the Christmas season.

The shriveled black eyes bored into me, his red licorice mouth turned up into an ugly sneer. even his clothes mocked me.
... How could the gingerbread boy be so happy? Didn't he know it was December 14th-twelve days before Christmas, the busiest, craziest time of the year!
If Natalie Browning is given one more thing to do this Christmas, she might just crack. Natalie is eight months pregnant, her husband has just been transfered to Dirt Gulch, Mississippi, and her mother-in-law has decided to move in. But these are only a few of the catastrophes in a series of mishaps that put Natalie's Christmas spirit in a serious slump. Lisa Ray Turner weaves a hilarious string of events accompanying Natalie's adventures in what turns out to be a wonderful Christmas after all.

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